What is pre-ordering and how does it work?

Pre-ordering is the act of placing an order for a bracelet that is not yet in stock and available for shipping.

Why should I pre-order a bracelet?

Pre-ordering a bracelet will put you on the waiting list for that specific bracelet. If the bracelet is back in stock, we will first ship it out to everyone who pre-ordered it. If we have any bracelets left after this, it will become available for everyone else to buy.

What is the waiting period when I pre-order a bracelet?

The waiting time can differ per bracelet, it is possible that we can ship the bracelet after 2 weeks but it is also possible that you have to wait a couple of months. Pre-ordering just assures that you are among the first ones who will get their bracelet when we have it back in stock.

Will I get notified when my pre-order is made and ready to be shipped?

Yes, the moment we have the bracelet made for you and ready to be shipped you will get notified by e-mail.

Is a pre-order refundable?

Every pre-order is fully refundable until the time it gets shipped out to you.