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Purestone is a bracelet brand for both men and women that attributes great importance to the quality of its bracelets and the stories behind each gemstone. We put a lot of time and effort into searching for the most beautiful and exclusive gemstones in the world to include in our collection. The gemstone beads are individually examined before they are processed into bracelets that are custom made by us. Only in this way we are convinced that Purestone can offer a beautiful and exceptionally finished bracelet of high quality. Your purchase will of course be offered in an attractive packaging, a worthy gift to yourself or a loved one.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create beautiful and high quality accessories hand in hand with nature that both men and women can wear to complete their outfits.

Purestone’s Founders

Purestone is a Belgian company founded by Timothy and Viktor, two enthusiastic young men. We are both passionate about gemstones, specifically about the qualities that are attributed to them.  From this passion, the idea has grown to make and offer bracelets that build on these qualities. 

Did you know this about our founders?  

When Timothy is at work he usually wears the Seraphinite bracelet 8mm.

“Seraphinite fits any professional outfit and has a very unique green colour”

 Seraphinite Bracelet 8mm - www.purestone.be

In his spare time Timothy chooses the Apatite bracelet 8mm.

"When I'm not at work I usually choose the Apatite bracelet 8mm, with its bright blue color it reminds me of the water on a tropical beach, a place where I can completely unwind."

Apatite Bracelet 8mm - www.purestone.be


When Viktor is at work he usually wears the Chrysocolla bracelet 8mm.

"Chrysocolla has a very unique hue that appeals to me and makes my professional look stand out just a little bit more.”

Chrysocolla Bracelet 8mm - www.purestone.be
In his spare time Viktor usually wears a combination of the Eagle's Eye Bracelet 8mm with the Tiger's Eye Red Bracelet 8mm.

"Wearing both the Tiger’s Eye and the Eagle’s Eye reminds me to stop moving and appreciate the moment."

Combination Eagle's Eye Bracelet 8mm with Tiger's Eye Red Bracelet 8mm - www.purestone.be